L Bolts for Your Applications

At R & R Engineering, we specialize in the manufacture of an array of different bent bolts and large range of sizes. This includes the manufacture of L bolts.

L bolts are used for a variety of applications where proper anchorage is needed. They often are used to connect a plate member to a masonry or concrete foundation, supplying sufficient anchorage for lightweight post baseplates and for other general concrete anchorage purposes. L bolts can also be used to anchor many type of structural elements, including sign structures and columns.

The Power of L bolts

These types of bolts have an L shape in order to give them the necessary anchoring required to anchor structural elements in a base material often concrete or masonry. The hook portion of the bolt embedded into the concrete or masonry creates a resistant that resists pullout forces imposed upon the structure and foundation. These bolts are often packaged with cut washers and nuts.

The Use of L bolts

For structures that will potentially encounter significant wind and seismic forces, L bolts help provide the necessary resistance to these forces.

At R & R Engineering, we offer a range of L bolt sizes to meet your specific applications. We offer customized L bolts that contain the necessary strength, finishes and threading. Our capabilities enable us to mass produce and deliver the bolts you need on-time and according to your specs.

If you have any questions about the L bolts we produce, call us today at 800-979-1921 to discuss your project requirements.



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