Custom Ordering Square Bend U Bolts: Important Factors To Consider

At R&R Engineering, we provide custom-made fasteners for distributors and original equipment manufacturers, and we can meet both small and large-volume order requirements. For many of our customers, we create unique shapes and sizes of standard fasteners, which gives them the option to use the materials and finishes they need without having to adjust their design.

In a trailer, automobile, truck bed or other type of metal construction, the use of custom-designed square bend U bolts for the specific application make assembly and fabrication a much easier. Not only does this cut down on the time it takes to produce a finished product, it also can help to save costs. When ordering custom square bend U bolts from R&R Engineering, there are some helpful points to keep in mind:

Length and Width

The overall length and width of the square bend U bolts will be dependent upon the thickness of the material to be fastened in place, as well as the thickness of the base material. Remember to leave enough additional space on the bolt legs to apply nuts, washers or a spanner (plate).

Thread Size and Length

The thread size is dictated by the diameter of the bolt, as well as by the requirements of our customers. We can offer a range of standard thread sizes, and we can adjust the length of threading up the legs. Keep in mind that the greater the length of the thread, the more versatile the U bolt will be as it can accommodate different thickness of material.

We offer other customized options in our square U bolts. For more information or to discuss your options, call us today at 800-979-1921.




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