Custom Ordering Square Bend U Bolts: Important Factors To Consider

At R&R Engineering, we provide custom-made fasteners for distributors and original equipment manufacturers, and we can meet both small and large-volume order requirements.

Choosing the Best J Bolts For The Job

When used as anchors in concrete, the American Concrete Institute (ACI) provides detailed specifications for J bolts based on force, weight, and other factors. Typically, there are standard sizes of these anchor bolts found at most industrial suppliers.

Making The Case For Spade Bolt Use

Spade bolts have a wide variety of uses they can be used in electronic systems to snow plows. The shape of the bolt itself, even without any punched or pre-drilled holes in the spade-shaped head, makes it a natural choice for a wide variety of OEMs and fabricators to consider.

Uses and Benefits of the Spade Bolt

R & R Engineering Company is well known for its providing a number of high-quality bolts to customers. These include spade bolts. A spade bolt has many applications, but is often misunderstood. Let's check out this sometimes overlooked fastener.

3 Reasons U Bolt Manufacturers Make A Difference

To someone who doesnít work on a construction site or a manufacturing line, small things such as fasteners and other components that are used in the final making of a project or product may seem like standard necessities that donít make much of a difference.

A Guide to Fully Threaded Studs

Depending on where you are located in the country and the industry where you work, you may find fully threaded studs under the name of threaded rod, continuous thread or even all-thread. It is a highly versatile fastener that is easy to use and offers the strength you need for any type of fastening job.




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